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 School Breakfast Reminder

Because students must be in the classroom by 8:15, breakfast cannot be served after 8:10 am. If your student is eating at Washington before school, please make sure they arrive early enough to eat.



Get Out and Walk Day! On October 5th, Washington Elementary participated in Get Out and Walk Day in conjunction to National Walk to School Day. This event was to help bring more awareness to the importance of developing healthy habits, particularly becoming more physically active, neighborhood safety, and to also build a sense of community. All students and staff walked nearly one mile and they were joined by Tiffin Police Dept., Tiffin Fire Dept., Tiffin University athletes, Sentinel Public Safety class students, and many community members. At the end of the walk, each student received a key chain with a walker and sneaker tokens as a reminder to be physically active. This event was planned by Miss Angie Ellis, our P.E. teacher!

What's Going On?

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Going Home from Washington

Students at Washington go home by one of three ways:

1. Bus
2. Loop
3. Walk-up
Consistency is very important for our little ones. We ask that parents try to make travel arrangements that will not change on a daily basis. If a need arises to make a change, the teacher must be notified at the beginning of the week if possible. We ask that ALL CHANGES to the transportation schedule take place prior to noon. Our dismissal process is very organized and any last minute change creates an opportunity for a child to get in the wrong transportation location.
The Elementary Schools are posting the Student Handbook online this school year.  Please look on the bottom of this page for the quick link.  It will be necessary for parents to sign off stating they have reviewed the information with their child.  If you have problems reading the handbook online, please contact the Washington office.